Our DIVING watches


Our first collection of affordable diving watches will be launched on Kickstarter early March 2019.

We found our inspiration in a military watch created in the 50’s for the Marine National combat divers (French Navy).

We declined our collection into three models of diving watches. The Tonga, the Kermadec, and the Kouriles.

While they each have a unique dial design, they all share the same technical characteristics.


Diving watch Kouriles by Time Locker | black dial NATO strap


An automatic dive watch with a minimalist design. 
Available in a black dial or white dial. 

Diving watch Kermadec by Time Locker | black dial silicone strap


With its sharp design, this automatic diving
watch will make you stand-out. 

Diving watch Tonga by Time Locker | black dial leather strap


A classic look for a beautiful automatic vintage watch. Available in a black or white dial. 


We created beautiful automatic diving watches. They are reliable and affordable.
Express your style and confidence without spending a fortune.
Launching on Kickstarter.