Time Locker watches sketches


Available Spring 2019 on Kickstarter


Crafting modern dive watches with a vintage flair

It started with a dive watch handed over by my father.

As time passed by, the diver watch became too worn and scratched to wear at the office or when facing clients.

I had to replace my watch. I was not ready to pay thousands on a quality timepiece. Thus, I decided to design my own watches.

exquisite quality watches don’t have to be expensive.

We took three years to craft three beautiful watches available in a black and a white dial. Our timepieces are inspired by military dive watches from the 50’s.


The Tonga


The Kouriles


The Kermadec

These watches symbolize the qualities of the combat divers who wore them. Confidence, boldness, and achievement… Characteristics, we all have inside us.

This Spring, we are launching our watches on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. When buying our watches on Kickstarter, you will receive a numbered, limited-edition Time Locker watch.

You’ll also get a durable and beautiful travel case with an extra NATO-design strap, and a strap changing tool.


With Time Locker you’re supporting a passionate team of young entrepreneurs who are crafting the next generation of modern timepieces with a vintage flair.