Time Locker watches sketches


Inspired by a vintage diving watch from the French Navy


For the gentlemen adventurers 

The modern man is well balanced and complex. He pursuits both class and adventure, the complexity of existing and the simplicity of being. Goal oriented, he is both a well-grounded leader and a courageous explorer that follows his dreams and ambitions.

Inspired by the diver watch created for the French Navy back in the 50’s – when the French soldiers were unable to find a watch so practical and stylish that will be capable not only to endure the hardships of their missions but to also be a statement of fashion and status bound to their extreme lifestyle – the Time Locker timepiece is a product of passion that will represent you no matter the circumstances. The watch will be central to the many key tasks confronting you, the modern man.

The watch will spell adventure, courage, class, style and simplicity all at once. It will reflect your manly nature.

By having you, the consumer, as the core of our product, the Time Locker watch will not be a horological luxury, but rather an affordable timepiece that meets your needs.