Time Locker watches sketches


Inspired by a vintage diving watch from the French Navy


Time Locker - diving watches for the gentlemen adventurers 

Time Locker started as a hobby when I designed leather flight jackets (hence the aircraft in our logo).  I always loved watches and airplanes. As I child, I attended airshows and visited aviation museums with my father.  We also went to flea markets, looking for old watches.

Fast forward to 2016. I was looking for a vintage military dive watch I could wear at work. Dive watches are for me versatile timepieces. They are perfect with a suit or with a casual outfit. You can also wear such a watch to practice an outdoor activity and of course for water sports.

The dive watch I fancied was way too expensive. I couldn’t see myself spending a few months of salary for this watch. I would rather use that money to travel and explore the world. Experiences help us to grow. Not expensive goods.

Looking further into it, I found out that it is possible to build a quality watch that does not break the bank. This was possible by doing the following:

  • I partnered with a manufacturer already working with major Swiss brands. This guarantees the quality of our dive watches.

  • I cut out the middlemen. No distributors or retailers. This removes unnecessary costs. Costs that you are normally paying when buying a watch.

I put aside the jackets to focus on the design and production of my first collection of vintage inspired timepieces. Beautiful diving watches made with quality components. Watches that do not break the bank. Watches that shout adventure and home at the same time.

I designed them to be robust and stylish no matter your lifestyle.

Imagine yourself wearing one of these timepieces while pursuing your passion...While exploring the world… While hiking, surfing, swimming, diving, cooking... While pushing yourself to achieve a better life.

Time Locker reflects the lifestyle and goals of men who are striving to become a better version of themselves…

  • Time Locker is for men who understand the value of time.

  • Time Locker is for men who are goal oriented.

  • Time Locker is for men who are courageous explorers.

Time Locker is for men who follow their dreams and ambition to succeed.

Dare to take risks. Dare to follow your dreams. Dare to say no to an ordinary life. Dare to create a once in a lifetime experience...

Time Locker is more than just durable diving watches. It is a lifestyle. It is an image. It is the expression of who you are and who you want to become.